Comedian Tony Hinchcliffe was dropped by his talent agency after a video of him using Asian slurs at a show went viral.

Hinchcliffe, who is known for  his guest appearances on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, and for being a prolific writer for the Comedy Central Roast events, was introduced by comedian Peng Dang at a performance at Big Laugh Comedy Club in Austin Texas last week.

Dang, who is of Chinese descent, welcomed Hinchcliffe onto the stage, but was met with a series of slurs. Dang recorded everything Hinchcliffe said, later posting it on Twitter with the caption, “Last week in Austin, I got to bring up Tony Hinchcliffe. This is what he said. Happy Asian (AAPI) Heritage Month!”

Dang hyped up the crowd for Hinchcliffe, saying “give it up for Tony Hinchcliffe” when introducing him. Hinchcliffe went on to make fun of Dang’s accent and called him a “filthy little f***ing c***k.”

The video now has more than one million views on Twitter and also went viral on TikTok.

Shortly after that, Hinchcliffe’s agents at William Morris Endeavor dropped him.

Dang said he was so shaken up and upset that he had to step outside during the performance. He said he was “utterly shocked” and that many audience members appeared to be uncomfortable. Dang said he did not speak to Hinchcliffe after the performance.

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