The most unusual car chase ever took place this week when a man stole a police cruiser from a sheriff’s substation, showed up at an active crime scene, causing a quick chase before he then crashed the car and was subsequently arrested.

The man, Jeremiah Taylor, stole the squad car early Monday morning, according to the Teller County Sheriff’s Office. While he was driving the car, a call came on the radio seeking responders to a domestic violence incident.

Taylor reportedly drove by the scene, and officers said he was heard saying, “Where’s the old man that’s going to shoot someone?” Before Taylor could be apprehended, he sped away from the crime scene. He was at large for several hours before he was spotted speeding again, and eventually crashed the vehicle and ran into the woods.

Taylor confronted deputies in the Colorado woods with a knife. He was dispatched with a stun gun, and although a shot was fired, Taylor was determined to only have sustained self-inflicted knife wounds after he was taken to the hospital.

The sheriff’s office said in a press release that Taylor had been hit with several charges related to the incident including Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft, Vehicular Eluding, Resisting Arrest, Second Degree Burglary and Impersonating an Officer.

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