’s new YouTube video showcases hilarious movie scenes, in which the character says what their portrayer tweeted.


In this new animated video, CollegeHumor decided to use tweets to make popular movie characters sound stupid in their infamous scenes. The video starts with an animated Russell Crowe in his role as Maximus, in Gladiator (2000). Instead of the gladiator rallying his troops on his way to battle Maximus shouts out Russell Crowe’s tweet, “Babies are perfeeeeect!” Leaving the cartoon soldiers bewildered by the random outburst.

The video also features the poignant courtroom scene from A Few Good Men (1992), but leave it to CollegeHumor to turn the scene into a comedy skit. Using a Tom Cruise tweet after Jack Nicholson’s Colonel Jessup says the ever popular line, “You can’t handle the truth!,” Cruise’s character responds with Tom’s tweet, “Wow there are a lot of people with the name Beiber in their name.” Again, leaving cartoon Nicholson confused by a line obviously not in the script.

And my favorite tweet used by CollegeHumor came in the last minute of the video, definitely ending on a “LOL” note. The hit action film Fast and Furious 6 (2013) contained a scene in which a heist was being planned, and Dwayne Johnson’s character Hobbs asked his team if they had any questions. Tyrese Gibson’s tweet was used as a response, when his animated counterpart piped up saying, “I am a Lesbian. Feed me I’m always hungry. I’m yours forever.” The confusing thing this time was actually Johnson’s character agreeing with Gibson with a, “Hmm now that makes sense.”

Hilarious right? Actors make so much more sense reading from a script.

If you take anything away from this video it’s the fact that movie stars can sound incredibly idiotic on Twitter.






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