Cody Simpson, back on with his on-and-off girlfriend Gigi Hadid, hopes to give her something you can’t put a price tag on for Christmas this year.

Cody Simpson On Gigi Hadid

Simpson, 17, and Hadid, 19, split earlier this year due to their busy schedules. With the holidays around the corner, Simpson hopes to spend some quality time with his model girlfriend – and to impress with her with a thoughtful gift.

“I haven’t [gotten a gift] yet. I got time. I know her pretty well, I know what to do,” he told E! News. “Plus she likes everything I get her, even though she does have a lot. I think what means the most to her…she likes letters and stuff like that and I like to write songs so I’ll probably go down that route. I like to give things money cannot buy. I think those are the most precious.”

When asked how things were going with Hadid since the reunion, Simpson said they were “amazing.”

Simpson On Miley and Patrick Schwarzenegger

Pictures of Simpson were all over the place last week, as he was a part of the group that included Miley Cyrus and her new beau Patrick Schwarzenegger that partied in Miami for a few days before heading up to Nashville. Simpson said that the meet-up with his pals was coincidental, and that they’re definitely a case of opposites attracting.

“We met up in Miami for Art Basel and we all just met up down there and, coincidentally, we were all going to Nashville at the same time, so we all flew to Nashville together and chilled on a nice ranch out there, ride around on quads and have nice campfires and it was a fun couple days,” Simpson revealed.

Simpson added, referring to the Cyrus and Schwarzenegger’s different personalities, “I that’s what’s cool. I think opposites attract.”

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