“Yeah, I’m lit,” were words uttered by CNN anchor Don Lemon while hosting live coverage of New Year’s Eve in New Orleans.


While his co-hosts Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin were in charge of covering the New Year’s festivities from Times Square, Lemon and fellow anchor Brooke Baldwin were stationed at a bar in New Orleans to ring in the New Year. Lemon apparently got the party started early and began drinking before 8 p.m. central time.

Each time the show went back to check in with Lemon and Baldwin, the pair were taking or serving shots. Lemon even went as far as to get his ear pierced on live TV. Griffin jokingly suggested Lemon get his nipple pierced too, but Baldwin shut that idea down before Lemon had too much time to think about it.

Later in the night, Lemon decided to open up about his wanting a relationship and how he’s a “bad person to date” because he is “self-centered.” Baldwin was clearly trying to make light of the situation, but Lemon just kept talking. Then he started to say how “2016 was awful” before his microphone went dead.

CNN has tried to quell the thoughts that Lemon was drunk on air, saying he only had a couple of shots, and did not imbibe any alcohol during breaks. That seems hard to believe when Lemon himself said, “People are saying that I’m lit. Yeah I’m lit, who cares?”

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