CM Punk, former WWE champion, returned to Sunday night television with an appearance on The Talking Dead, the Walking Dead after-show hosted by Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick.

CM Punk Talks The Walking Dead‘s Daryl And Carol

CM Punk made history becoming the 19th WWE Triple Crown Champion, and was widely considered one of the top MMA fighters when he retired. While many fans were sad to see him leave WWE, they were more than happy to welcome CM Punk back to Sunday primetime.

Leaving wrestling behind, CM Punk dished on what couple he’s shipping – Daryl and Carol – with fellow panelists, Yvette Nicole Brown and Tyler James Williams.

“It is completely ridiculous that they [Carol and Daryl] didn’t hook up. There was some sexual tension drawn out there. There’s people who want to see him hook up with Beth, but that’s so weird and ridiculous,” CM Punk said on the show.

So great to finally do Talking Dead! What’d everyone think of the episode? #Noah #TheWalkingDead

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CM Punk has been steadily changing his career path, and recently announced he will be writing a new Thor comic for Marvel. In fact, this isn’t CM Punk’s first appearance on The Talking Dead. He has previously appeared in two episodes, dating back to 2012; though he last appeared on the show under his given name, Phil Brooks.

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