George Clooney and Haitian Wyclef Jean‘s telethon, Hope for Haiti, raised $57 million for earthquake victims in Haiti and brought together Hollywood’s finest – including Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Halle Berry and Jennifer Aniston – on Friday night. "This is a tragedy that reaches across all borders, all boundaries and demands our attention, our help and our compassion as fellow human beings," Clooney told the audience. "The Haitian people need our help. They need to know that they’re not alone. They need to know we still care."

With celebs like Mel Gibson and Reese Witherspoon manning the phone lines, viewers called in by the thousands to donate money to the disaster-plagued nation. With musical performance by Bono, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Chris Martin and Madonna, Wyclef  rounded out the evening with an inspirational rap calling viewers to action.


Watch Madonna’s performance here:

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