Maxwell Norris, the grandson of action star Chuck Norris, was eliminated from the ABC game show Claim to Fame for cheating. The series, hosted by Kevin and Frankie Jonas, pits descendants of celebrities against each other as they try to guess one another’s notable relatives.

Maxwell was apparently caught using his cell phone to look up more information in violation of the show’s rules. He was confronted by the hosts at the show’s first round of eliminations.

In the scene, which was uploaded in full to YouTube, the final moments of the show were interrupted as the hosts got pulled off camera to discuss the cheating. Kevin and Frankie returned and told the contestants, “We took all your devices to protect your identities, keep away information, to make sure the game was fair to everyone. And one of you has broken that rule.”

The show then cut to surveillance footage showing Maxwell taking a phone out of his luggage in the cast’s sleeping area. He went to a bed and covered himself with the duvet while using the phone, but it was clearly seen in the footage.

When given an opportunity to comment before his elimination, Maxwell didn’t mention the cheating and simply said to the remaining cast members, “It was a great three days. I love you all. We’ll be in touch.”

Eleven contestants remain in the running for the show’s $100,000 grand prize. Claim to Fame airs on ABC Mondays at 10 p.m. EST.

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