Chrissy Teigen showed off her funny side as she watched her husband, John Legend, perform on the series premiere of Lip Sync Battle.

Chrissy Teigen on Lip Sync Battle

Teigen, model/Twitter queen, technically isn’t a co-host of the show – host LL Cool J introduced her as their “color commentator” – but she may as well be. Lip Sync Battle originated from a bit on The Tonight Show, in which host Jimmy Fallon would compete with celebrity guests to see who could give the best lip sync performance.

Lip Sync Battle premiered on Spike Thursday night with two episodes, one featuring a battle between Dwayne Johnson and Fallon, and another pitting Oscar winners John Legend and Common against one another. Each celeb contestant performed two songs – one each with intense costume and production value. While LL Cool J sat at the bar watching the performances, Teigen, standing in her own little booth, danced throughout the night and even helped out with props.

The show has already completed taping their 18-episode season and Teigen revealed she loved the experience. “Everything about it was really fun, and it was such a surprise for me every single day. I really truly loved it. I miss doing it now,” Teigen told Glamour.

A highlight of the experience for Teigen, and for audiences at home, was seeing her husband, Legend, perform as MC Hammer. “It’s funny – we actually went over the song choices a few nights before, and I wanted him to pick Britney Spears, Spice Girls, or something from my realm of music. But he went with MC and it just killed me seeing him in that costume,” Teigen added.

“I’m wracking my brain, I’m like, ‘how crazy was this prenup?’ I’m looking for other husbands right now,” Teigen joked after Legend’s MC Hammer performance.

“I’ve never seen you move that way, ever. Like, that fast,” Teigen said, turning to wink at the audience.

Teigen is on her way to becoming an in-demand host. In May, the supermodel will co-host the Billboard Music Awards alongside Ludacris.

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