In last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, the world was treated to the interesting sight of Chris Hemsworth in drag.

That was probably the best sketch of the night after the opening one. Hemsworth has now hosted twice in eight months, and while he doesn’t have the comedy stylings to be a leading man, he can usually do well as a side character.

“Brunch” was probably the best. As the ladies of the sketch discuss attractive guys, “Claire” continually brings up how hot Hemsworth is. Seeing him run in a dress is pretty hilarious, and the confusion of the other women in the sketch is a good way to play off of him.

But this episode might be more notable for the returning star. Will Ferrell played the opening sketch as “George W. Bush,” bringing back his old character to announce he was running for a third term and take some shots at the Republican candidates. The throwback was appreciated, and it fit in with the much more pointed political humor of the night. Bush was always a highlight of old SNL episodes, and Ferrell’s surprise cameo started the episode off right. “I like Fiorina. She’s got guts. She got fired from her job. She got her butt kicked in a Senate race. In other words, she’s me. But she’s not me. I’m me!” Never change, George W. Bush.

Speaking of the political humor, it seems like Saturday Night Live has finally recovered from having Donald Trump host. And it seems like they’re pissed. Ferrell saved his angriest-and wittiest- comments for the 2016 Republican frontrunner, and “Weekend Update” went hard after him. Trump’s hosting was derided for holding back on the jokes about the candidate. Right now, it seems they’re regretting it, and the writers and actors really want to hammer him now.