It’s been three years since Rihanna and Chris Brown split after a pre-Grammy argument ended in assault charges for Brown. Now it seems that Rihanna and Brown have been seeing a lot of each other lately. At her birthday party last week, Rihanna was spotted getting cozy with Brown, who insisted that all the partygoers sign confidentiality agreements, reports TMZ. Brown also wished Rihanna a happy birthday over Twitter, much to the surprise and displeasure of her fans, to which Rihanna replied with a short, “Thanks.”

This revelation is even more startling coming after speculation that the two may reunite for a musical collaboration. According to producers, Da Internz, Rihanna is recording a remix of her song, “Birthday Cake,” which will feature a cameo that “will shock the world,” reports MTV News.

Although sources have alternately confirmed and denied that Brown is the cameo in question—Hot 97’s Miss Info cited two independent sources confirming that Brown is indeed featured on the song while Da Internz have tweeted opposite responses—that doesn’t stop fans from worrying about Rihanna’s self-destructive nature.

According to an inside source, "Rihanna loves to live dangerously, and talking to and hooking up with Chris is all part of that," reports Us Weekly.

Brown threw fuel on the fire with a recent tweet. "Let them be mad!!!! We make music. Don't like it, don't listen! Turn up the music remix is coming soon too! Guess who's on it?" Rihanna did her part to gin up the rumor mills. "They can say whatever, Ima do whatever…No pain is forever. YUP! YOU KNOW THIS."


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    I believe in forgiveness, but Chris Brown needs to calm down.

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