Donald Glover showed up to Beyoncé’s Renaissance party in a mesh bodysuit and some people – including Chris Brown – had a good laugh about it.

You gotta hand it to him: Glover really went all out for the Club Renaissance night celebrating the Grammy-winner’s new album. Along with his exposing leotard, the Atlanta creator sported some fancy Loro Piana hiking boots, a green satin jacket and winged eyeliner to top off the look. It turns out, not everyone appreciated his bold attire.

An Insta page, Fit Ain’t Nothing, posted a photo of the “This Is America” rapper at the event and slammed his eccentric wardrobe choices with passion. “Dis is CHILDISH NANBINO !!! Oooo weeee @donaldglover this ain’t NOTHEEN!!” They didn’t stop there. The caption continued, “Dressed like he finna walk a tight rope and Hike Stone Mountain at the same time. This sh-t so nasty. Mysterious and Chaotic all wrapped into that Tinfoil windbreaker you got on my bwoiiii.”

And that’s not all. Fit Ain’t Nothing still had more brutal roasts for Glover, and they even referenced one of the rapper’s biggest hits in the process. “I don’t give a damn if THIS IS AMERICA you look like you go Hang-gliding to Pretty little thing for a side mission NAN!!” Oof.

Glover’s peer, Brown, didn’t hold back from joining in and poking fun at the actor.

He added in the comments section, “I can hear the tambourines when he walk 😂.” Stars like Kendrick Lamar, Normani and Leonardo DiCaprio were also in attendance, but no public opinions from them on the fit just yet.

There was a lot to celebrate that night. Beyoncé’s Studio 54-esque New York City dance party was more than well-deserved. Her latest album, Renaissance, just made her the first female artist to debut on top of the Billboard 200 chart for seven albums. Seems like the rapper might have been justified in “going big” instead of “going home.”

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