Cher has announced on Twitter that she will make a return to the silver screen in the upcoming Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.


Details about the role are still a mystery, but she thinks fans should be excited. She posted a one-word tweet on Oct. 15, which got the ball rolling. “FERNANDO 🤔,” she tweeted, which is part of the Abba cannon, on which the film and broadway show were based. She continued tweeting multiple song lyrics as a clue.

Looking back, the singer had been posting little hints about her upcoming role for days. On Oct. 14, she wrote, “Just went through two dance numbers, Everyone’s Great.” On the same day, Cher tweeted a picture of some silver and teal shiny high-heeled boots, presumably part of her character’s getup.

And finally, on Oct. 15, she came out with it. An article had already been written saying she would appear alongside Meryl Streep, and when a fan asked her about it, Cher announced the news. “WELL…IM IN MOMMA MIA2 🎂,” she tweeted, adding that her “look is amazing, not like anything I’ve done & she’s a pistol.”

Since the announcement, Cher has written two more posts about her work. “Worked LATE LAST NIGHT. Make up/Hair test“CRAZY👏🏻Then Mark’s 2 Re-Sing FERNANDO.Wasn’t Happy,Feel MUCH Better😉MY VERSION IS Me.”GREAT SONG“😥,” she said. “Can’t sleep🙄tomm is 1st day😳cast did MM1& are 1/2 way through MM2.I did Burlesque🐝4 Lincoln Had Whiskers. ONE GREAT THING.. BENNY❤️FERNANDO.” It sounds like the singer has her work cut out for her, but is excited for the opportunity.