Rosie O’Donnell and her daughter Chelsea O’Donnell have continued their public estrangement as Chelsea has opened up about the night she ran away from her mother in 2015.

Speaking with the Daily Mail, O’Donnell said that her mother chased her throughout the house wielding a wine bottle, after the former View star found out her daughter had gotten a tattoo. Fearing for her life, she ran away.

“She called me into her room and asked me about the tattoo. I denied it,” O’Donnell said. “She asked me to take off my clothes – she didn’t know where it was – to show her and I refused… She told me that if I didn’t show her, if i tried to leave, that she would hit me with the wine bottle, call the police and tell them that I had attacked her.”

After the incident, O’Donnell reported her daughter as missing. She as found several days later.

Although her mother did not hit her that night, O’Donnell claims that this abuse is nothing new.

“Since I was 12, Rosie has been verbally abusive and that was something I didn’t like, making me feel that there was something wrong with me,” O’Donnell said.

Rosie O’Donnell denies all of the abuse allegations made against her. Instead, she claims that her daughter is sick, with an undisclosed mental illness, and that people shouldn’t trust what she says.

“Chelsea is mentally ill. Has been in and out of hospitals most of her life. Born addicted to heroin. She has had a tough road. As for her comments, I assume you are paying her, which is why she is selling these tales to you,” O’Donnell wrote on her website. “She is very sick. She is not capable of truth or reason. She has not been in touch with anyone since her husband tried to extort $9,000 from this family.”

Chelsea O’Donnell, 19 married Nick Alliegro, 31, several months after she ran away from home. Chelsea was 17 years old at the time. The couple got married after O’Donnell discovered she was pregnant but she had a miscarriage after the wedding.

O’Donnell responded to her mother’s claim of mental illness. “I am not mentally ill and I have no self hatred and am not doing this for the money. Rosie doesn’t know me and she never will again. She is a cruel narcissistic vengeful woman who doesn’t care for anyone but herself.”

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