Chelsea Handler spoke at a get-out-the-vote canvass launch this weekend to yet again advocate for the BidenHarris campaign. Her participation in the final campaigning tour was her latest, and one of her most serious, attempt to boost votes for the Democratic presidential candidate.

Though Handler has been making serious tweets about voter suppression and the illegitimacy of Donald Trump‘s presidency for the past few weeks, she first caught social media attention for her political standing just two weeks ago, when she tweeted at her ex 50 Cent for supporting Trump.

“You used to be my favorite ex-boyfriend,” Handler jokingly wrote in response to his public support of the candidate.

The tweet blew up, so Handler ran with it, first offering to pay 50 Cent’s taxes, and then, to Jimmy Kimmel, promising much more. Surprisingly, her attempts to convert her ex succeeded, and he soon tweeted about how Trump may have killed his friend, and how he didn’t like him much in the first place.

Since then, Handler has continued to try to spread information on the election through her Twitter, but has also tried a few other attention-grabbing gimmicks. Just yesterday, one succeeded again, after she posted a video of herself on Instagram wearing “I Voted” stickers as pasties over her breasts.

The post is in support of democracy and advising viewers to vote for their candidate of choice despite issues of voter intimidation, particularly in Michigan. Comments are now turned off, but the video clearly garnered attention, as it received 1.1 million views and counting.

Now that all the votes have been cast, Handler has switched gears to advocating for Americans to wait for the election results, instead of allowing either candidate – particularly Trump – to try and declare the winner before all mail-in ballots are counted.

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