Charlie Sheen‘s private plane was forced to land for a drug search in San Diego by federal authorities last week. Sheen was on board and returning from Mexico when U.S. Customs officials ordered the plane to land at Brown Field Airport. The flight was taking him to his home in Los Angeles.

Everyone and their luggage was ordered off the flight and everything was searched.

“A dog sniffed around one of the suitcases on the tarmac,” the source told Radar Online. “The dog scratched on the case, and it was opened, but it was a false alarm.”

No narcotics were found and Sheen and his posse were free to go.

Last year, Sheen purchased property in Rosario, Mexico, in an attempt to escape the “rat-race” of Hollywood, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune. Although he has not moved in yet, Sheen has begun to furnish the house and start his new life in the 2,700-square-foot single family home.


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