Charlaine Harris penned the Sookie Stackhouse book series that was adapted for TV in the form of True Blood by Alan Ball, who injected some of his personal politics into the series.

Charlaine Harris On ‘True Blood’s Politics

Throughout True Blood‘s 7-season run, there was a thread of liberal politics sewn into the show by creator Ball. In fact, the entire series has been seen by many as an intentional allegory of the gay rights movement, with the vampires standing in the place of those in the LGBT community. There was the fight for vampire equality and the HRC stand-in American Vampire League. True Blood, of course, also had a number of literal LGBT characters.

“There was certainly a social allegory in the books,” Harris told uInterview in an exclusive interview. “What Alan was trying to say politically – other than the fact that he is the least conservative guy on the planet, which is no surprise – I wouldn’t presume to interpret.”

In the series, those who make it their life’s mission to oppress the vampires, are the villains. Fans were quick to draw comparisons between those characters and politicians and movements in the real word that continue in their efforts to subjugate members of the LGBT community, as well as other minority groups.

“It’s well known that Alan is a liberal. It’s well known that he doesn’t like conservative fundamentalist characters, and I think that’s what the show is about. I just kind of thought of the show as Alan’s thing,” Harris continued. “It wasn’t mine to interpret or defend or be angry about.”

Charlaine Harris On ‘True Blood,’ ‘Day Shift’

As for Harris, she does count herself as a religious person, but not as a conservative. Despite her identity as a religious person, Harris doesn’t believe that she was meant to be represented in any of True Blood‘s more fundamentalist characters.

“I never felt like I was the target of any of his storylines,” Harris told uInterview. “I’m religious, but I’m not conservative.”

Harris has recently released the second novel in her southern gothic trilogy set in Midnight, TexasDay Shift.

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