Just when we thought Billie Eilliesh could not surprise us with her creativity anymore, that’s when she decided to go against physics during her debut Saturday Night Live performance.

Eilish started walking on the wall and then the ceiling while singing her number one hit song “Bad Guy,” and the audience members lost their minds. The singer, recreated one of Fred Astaire’s most famous effects, to simplify things, Eilish’s performance was an illusion — she wasn’t climbing the walls. Instead, the walls themselves were moving. The stage itself was lifted and attached to a machine that rotated it clockwise as Billie performed. However, to pull off something like this in just one shot is still very hard because one wrong move could ruin the whole show.


This video shows what was going on behind the scenes.

Still confused? Don’t worry, people on Twitter were absolutely too.

The 17-year-old start recently announced her “Where Do We Go?” 2020 world tour, in North America, South America and Europe. “IM GOING ON TOUR AGAIN AND IM ACTUALLY EXCITED ABOUT IT THIS TIME. can’t wait to see you all,” she captioned her Instagram post.