Celebrities took Sony to task on Twitter this week for deciding to cancel The Interview, declining to go forward with the movie’s planned wide release on Christmas day due to escalating threats from a hacker group.

Celebs On ‘The Interview’ Cancelation

James Franco and Seth Rogen haven’t publicly commented on Sony scrapping their R-rated comedy that culminates in the assassination of Kim Jong Un. However, their colleagues in Hollywood have used Twitter to speak out in support of The Interview heading to theaters, and to condemn the studio’s decision to cave in to the demands of the terrorists.

George Clooney’s Failed Petition

George Clooney and his agent, Bryan Lourd, circulated a petition in support of Sony keeping The Interview alive to big names in Hollywood in the hopes that they’d keep the studio from canceling the release. Clooney, like many other celebrities, believes that surrendering to the hackers sets a dangerous precedent when it comes to freedom of expression in America. Unfortunately, Clooney wasn’t able to get the signatures, and Sony ultimately chose to halt the release of The Interview.

“The truth of the matter is, of course you should be able to make any movie you want. And, you should take the ramifications for it. Meaning, people can boycott the movie and not go see your film,” Clooney told Deadline. “They can say they’ll never see a Sony movie again. That’s all fine. That’s the risk you take for the decision you make. But to say we’re going to make you pull it. We’re going to censor you. That’s a whole other game. That is playing in some serious waters and it’s a very dangerous pool.”

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