During the 78th Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, Catherine O’Hara won Best Actress in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy for her starring role as the fan favorite character Moira Rose in the Canadian television sitcom Schitt’s Creek, created by Eugene Levy and Dan Levy. O’Hara was nominated alongside other popular actresses including Lily Collins for Emily in Paris, Kaley Cuoco for The Flight Attendant, Elle Fanning for The Great and Jane Levy for Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. This is the first time O’Hara has won a Golden Globe award as well as the first time in which she has been nominated.

Like most nominees, O’Hara appeared virtually instead of attending the ceremony due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The actress was with her husband Bo Welch, a production designer known for films such as The Color Purple, Men in Black and Thor. During O’Hara’s speech, Welch used his phone during this time to imitate a regular awards show, with him playing archive recordings of an audience applause and instrumental music to reference the notion for the winner to wrap up their acceptance speech. O’Hara even sang along to the music as she was speaking.

Fans on Twitter were confused by the actions of O’Hara and Welch. Many were unsure if Welch was just messing with his wife during her moment or if O’Hara and Welch were merely doing some sort of gag to poke fun at the awkwardness and absurdity of having to attend the ceremony and receive her award through a video call instead of actually being there.

O’Hara’s acceptance speech was one of the many awkward moments that occurred during the 78th Golden Globe Awards, which also included Don Cheadle signaling Jason Sudeikis to wrap it up during his acceptance speech, and Al Pacino falling asleep right before his category was announced.

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