Carrie Underwood has finally shared details about her accident in November that ended with a broken wrist and 50 stitches on her face.

The singer noted that there is no crazy story attached to her accident, it was just her clumsiness when she had to go take care of the dogs before bed. “I just fell down,” she said in an interview with SiriusXM. “I was just taking the dogs out to go do their thing before bed and I just got clumsy and I just tripped.”

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Underwood then went into details of her fall, she explained  that it was because she missed one step. She believes that if she stepped anywhere else, it would not have ended as badly as it did. “I held onto the dog leashes in my left hand and went to catch myself with my right and just missed a step. There was one lone step. I said if I had fallen anywhere else I would have been absolutely fine, but it was one step that messed everything up,” she explained.

She then added that the hardest part of the accident was breaking her wrist, making her unable to use it to perform daily tasks. “I can’t use my appendage, and I try to pick my kid up and make food and do mom stuff,” she said. “I have a metal plate in my wrist, but it’s good now.”

Following her accident, Underwood would occasionally update her fans on her recovery, but for the most part she kept the details pretty vague. She often feared people would catch her in public with the stitches. “Back when I injured myself, you really don’t know how things are gonna turn out when you in it [with] stitches,” she said. “We put a memo out to the fan club just cause I was like, ’Somebody’s gonna catch me at the Kroger! I’m gonna be buying groceries and somebody’s gonna post something on Instagram and people are gonna be like ‘What’s going on?'”

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With her accident happening more than five months ago, Underwood has explained in a memo earlier this month to her fan club that she has been healing up “pretty nicely.” “First off, physically, I’m doing pretty darn good these days! My wrist is almost back to normal, about 90 percent there…and the docs say that last 10 percent will come in time,” she wrote. “And my face has been healing pretty nicely as well. I definitely feel more like myself than I have in a while.”

The singer has been keeping busy since recovering. She announced a new album Cry Pretty will be released in September. However released a single of the same name this month. She also performed for the first time since the accident at the 2018 Academy Country Music Awards last week.

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