Jose Ferreira called a local news station earlier this month to confess to raping, killing and burying 13-year-old Carrie Ann Jopek thirty years ago.

Carrie Ann Jopek’s Murder Solved?

Ferreira, 50, phoned WISN 12 News in Milwaukee on Oct. 11 and told a reporter at the station that he had “lived across the street from Carrie Ann and went to a party with her the night she died,” the TV station reported. “He said she fell and broke her neck. He said he had sex with her because he thought she was unconscious. When he realized she was dead, he buried her.”

In the call, Ferreira claimed that he had been haunted by his heinous act for decades, leading him to his confession.

Ferreira later told police that he was heading to the basement with Jopek to make out when she started to have second thoughts, according to WISN. In response, Ferreira, who was 17 at the time, pushed her down the stairs, the fall breaking Jopek’s neck. Ferreira, who claims to have thought she was only knocked out, proceeded to have sex with her dead body. Upon realizing Jopek was dead, he buried her under the house’s porch.

Jopek had gone missing on March 16, 1982 while walking the one block home from her school. A year and a half later, her body was discovered underneath a neighbor’s back porch. After that discovery, the case went cold.

However, Jopek’s mother Carolyn Tousignant had her suspicions about Ferreira, according to the Washington Post.  He had apparently told her privately that some friends had been drinking with her when she hit her head and died, and that they had buried her out of fear for repercussions.

Ferriera has been charged with second-degree murder. He has yet to submit a plea.

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