Passengers on the Carnival Cruise ship Freedom and other onlookers filmed a shocking fire that occurred on Thursday while the ship was docked at Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Photos show the ships funnel engulfed in flames, and some photos even show that passengers were on board while it occurred, but according to Carnival Cruise line that the ship’s emergency response team “quickly activated and extinguished a fire inside the ships funnel while the ship was in Gran Turk.”

Passengers were reportedly told to gather at the Freedom’s muster station and given life jackets, but ultimately no evacuation took place.

The fire occurred before passengers disembarked in Grand Turk. Since there were no passenger or crew injuries, Carnival said they were still cleared to go ashore and continue to monitor the situation. The Carnival Freedom first departed from Port Canaveral, Florida on Monday. Passengers interviewed after the Thursday blaze said the next stop would be Miami, and the five-day cruise would be wrapping up soon.

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