Daredevil surfer Carlos Burle may have made history Monday when he successfully rode what might be the biggest wave ever surfed off the coast of Nazaré, Portugal.

Burle, 46, successfully rode a wave that's suspected to have been over 100 feet tall, which is the approximate height of the wave current record holder Garrett McNamara surfed in January 2013. A more precise height of the wave has yet to be determined by Guiness World Records. Before McNamara, the record stood at a 78 foot wave.

Earlier in the day Burle saved fellow Brazilian surfer Maya Gabeira, who was floating in the water facedown after snapping her ankle. He rescued Gabeira from heading into the rocks after being knocked over by the surf. He performed CPR and, after ensuring that she was safe, returned to the water where he caught the massive wave.

Gabeira, who suffered a broken ankle, tweeted a photo of herself and the other surfers she was with, including Burle, with the caption "So happy to be with this team !!! Thanks for the visit @mcnamara_s and Nicolle!!! Love u guys… @pedroscooby @carlosburle @felipecesarano #redbull."

The possibly record-breaking wave was Burle's first of the day. "It was luck. We never know when we will be catching the wave," Burle told Surfer Today. "I still hadn't surfed any wave and everyone had already had their rides. Maya almost died. For me, it was a big adrenaline moment to get back there after what happened." Burle previously rode a 72 foot wave in 2001 off the coast of Mavericks, Calif.

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