Singer Cardi B and conservative political commentator Candace Owens brutally insulted one another over Twitter after Cardi interviewed presidential candidate Joe Biden for Elle magazine. The fight was sparked after Owens disparaged Cardi and her music on the Sunday Special segment of The Ben Shapiro Show, and went on to post a clip of the episode on Twitter.

Cardi responded with a tweet pointing out her multiple chart-topping songs and calling out Trump supporters for harassing her family at the beach.

Owens then responded with a sarcastic tweet where she pointed out Cardi’s use of slang, which Cardi dismissed by saying she pitied Owens.

The insults then changed gears as Owens brought up Biden’s support of the 1994 Crime Bill, using it as leverage to insult Cardi’s intelligence. Cardi fired right back using President Donald Trump‘s decision to not ask Owens to speak at the Republican National Convention, and referring to Trump as Owens’ “MASA.”

Owens then went on to pick apart Cardi’s previous tweets, insulting her intelligence and political views. Cardi continued to insult Trump’s presidency and explain her position.

Later, both celebrities took to Instagram lives to explain their stands and continued to insult one another over Twitter, Cardi also taking the fight to a few now-deleted Instagram posts.

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