Cameron Tringale has been disqualified from the PGA Championship that wrapped up last week after telling on himself for signing off on a potentially incorrect score.

Cameron Tringale Disqualifies Himself

Tringale told the rules committee that it was possible he had whiffed the ball prior to knocking in a putt and therefore may have signed off on an incorrect score, reported Bleacher Report. The incident in question occurred on the 11-hole. On the par-3 hole, Tringale signed for four strokes, but he thinks that it should have been recorded as a 5. He went to the rules committee because he didn’t want there to be any doubt about whether or not the right score was tabulated.

"While approaching the hole to tap in my 3-inch bogey putt, the putter swung over the ball prior to tapping in," Tringale said in a statement. "Realizing that there could be the slightest doubt that the swing over the ball should have been recorded as a stroke, I spoke with the PGA of America and shared with them my conclusion that the stroke should have been recorded.”

Tringale added, "I regret any inconvenience this has caused the PGA of America and my fellow competitors in what was a wonderful championship."

Tingale had tied for 33rd at the PGA Championship at the Valhalla Golf Club. Though the competition is over, Tringale has been disqualified by the PGA under rule 34-1-iii. As a result of his disqualification, Tringale loses his $53,000 in earnings as well as 37 FedEx Cup points.

"We are very appreciative of Cameron coming forward to inform us of this situation," Kerry Haigh, PGA of America chief championships officer, said in a statement to ESPN. "It yet again shows the great values and traditions of the game and the honesty and integrity of its competitors.”

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