Caitlyn Jenner has reportedly accepted Donald Trump’s invitation to his Jan. 20 Inauguration.


While Trump has been struggling to find big stars willing to attend the ceremony, it seems he can count on Jenner. The self-proclaimed conservative Republican supported Trump’s campaign throughout.

On her now-canceled E! documentary series I Am Cait, the former Olympian said she disliked the candidate’s macho attitude, but “I think he would be very good for women’s issues.”

She also said that Trump “seems very much behind the LGBTQ community” after he criticized the North Carolina anti-LGBTQ bathroom law. He has since gone back on that criticism. She also referred to Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton as a “f–king liar.” Clinton will also be in attendance at the Inauguration.

Jenner’s publicist has yet to confirm her attendance, but according to various news outlets, she is actively seeking someone to attend alongside her. Jenner has been a controversial figure in the LGBTQ community since she came out as transgender, and her support of the Republican candidate does not help her case.

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