After several writers left the CBS drama Bull, the network launched an investigation that culminated in the exit of showrunner Glenn Gordon Caron. While CBS Studios refused to comment on the reasoning behind Caron’s departure, they did affirm that he was no longer with the show and his overall deal with the network had ended.

Caron joined the production as showrunner during season two of Bull. The departure of multiple writers occurred after the show finished season five. The series has since been renewed for a sixth season. It stars Michael Weatherly as jury consultant Dr. Jason Bull.

The Hollywood Reporter talked to five current and former writers who worked on Bull. They remained anonymous, fearing professional repercussions, but said that Caron would often berate writing staff. One former writer said, “Everyone was so on edge – it felt like everyone constantly had, at the very least, a lot of anxiety.”

Caron has been known to act in callous or disrespectful ways toward writing staff. He was previously the showrunner for Moonlighting and Medium. Producer Melinda Hsu Taylor talked about her time on the show, saying, “I learned a lot about storytelling and about writing fast – that was valuable, but it was a toxic environment while I was there. And now that I have much more experience and I have been a showrunner myself, I can tell you, there are a lot of different ways to tell a writer that what they’re submitting didn’t work for you without attacking them in a cruel way. It is entirely possible to do this job with humanity and warmth and to treat people with respect, whether or not a pitch is working for you.”

Moira Kirland, who also worked as a writer on Medium, said, “there was a lot of yelling, a lot of pressure.”

In August, CBS entertainment president Kelly Kahl said that both Caron and the show’s lead Weatherly had undergone leadership training.

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