Budweiser is parting ways with the traditional Clydesdale horses in their advertisements in an effort to appeal to a younger demographic of beer drinkers, specifically those aged 21 to 27.

Budweiser To Appeal To Younger Drinkers

With beer sales dropping consistently, as flavored specialty drinks and craft beers grow in popularity, Budweiser has decided to focus solely on selling their products to the 21-27 consumers.

Anheser-Busch InBev, Budweiser’s parent company, is forgoing traditional holiday marketing in favor of a more hipster vibe, with friends being at the core of the campaign rather than tradition. Evidence of the shift can already be seen on Budweiser’s Twitter page.

And this year’s holiday ads feature actors in their 20s smiling and sharing a beer with a friend.   In an effort to compete with craft brews, Budweiser will go from sponsoring Major League Baseball to sponsoring food festivals. As a special holiday promotion, Budweiser is selling vintage-looking bottles packed in special vintage-inspired crates. (https://www.budweiser.com/our-brand/limited-edition-holiday-crate.html)

“This is a very considered, long-term view of what will turn around the brand,” said AB InBev Vice President of Marketing, Brian Perkins. (https://online.wsj.com/articles/budweiser-ditches-the-clydesdales-for-jay-z-1416784086)

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