Bryce Dallas Howard and Jessica Chastain put the “they’re the same person” rumors to rest this week, by posting a dubsmash video on Instagram.

Bryce Howard And Jessica Chastain Team Up For Dubsmash Video

Red-headed actresses Howard (Jurassic World) and Chastain (Interstellar) have finally come up with a plan to end the notorious question of whether or not the pair are the same person. Despite the fact that both Howard and Chastain appeared in the hit 2011 film The Help, viewers were not convinced.

An attempt to put an end to this question came in the form of a hilarious YouTube video posted on June 7, titled Jessica Chastain: The Musical (Bryce Dallas Howard). The video was created and written by music vets Jon Kaplan and Al Kaplan. Singer Stephanie Koenig can be heard in the video, using her Broadway stylings to highlight the differences between the two actresses, in a song about Howard begging to be recognized as herself. The lyrics begin with, “Everything was going so well, it just isn’t fair – I was here first!”

The video also offers viewers numerous clips of Howard and Chastain in their movie roles over the years. The chorus of the song is, “I am not Jessica Chastain…I’m the one from Lady In The Water.” Of course it doesn’t stop there, as Koenig singing as if she’s Howard, goes on to list the movies she starred in and not Chastain.

Check out the funny musical parody below.



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On Tuesday Chastain shared a dubsmash video with fans on Instagram. “Everyone get it yet? 🙂 performance by #BryceDallasHoward not #JessicaChastain,” she added to the post. The video begins with a red-headed woman with thick sunglasses on lip-syncing the line, “but it’s time I put an end to the confusion…I am not Jessica Chastain!” from the musical parody. The woman then rips the glasses off and we see Howard!

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 4.33.33 PM

Click here to watch the dubsmash!

Whew! Question answered!



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