Bryan Cranston brought back Walter White, his character from Breaking Bad, to kick off Above & Beyond’s set with their 2013 song “Walter White” at the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Las Vegas Saturday.


Cranston, 59, was met by a screaming crowd as he walked on stage, grabbed the microphone and said, “say my name,” his character’s unforgettable catchphrase. “WALTER WHITE ABOVE & BEYONDDDDD!,” screamed Cranston before pushing the button and playing the hit song.

Cranston looked as if he had a blast on stage, as he rocked out with the British music band, dancing to the electric music along with audience. “Leaving EDC [sic] — Vegas right now. Pulled an all nighter. Old, my a**…Old, my head. Old, my feet…,” tweeted the actor after his appearance.

Cranston hinted recently that his Breaking Bad character might be featured on the shows spin-off, Better Call Saul. “Yes, it is possible,” he told Extra. “I can’t say any more than that, but if [producer] Vince Gilligan wants me to be on Better Call Saul. That’s all I have to know.”

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