Bruce Springsteen revealed last October that he’d written a song for the Harry Potter franchise in 2001. It had been rejected by the studio and has not been released for the past 16 years.

The song is a ballad and it’s called “I’ll Stand By You Always.” It surfaced on SoundCloud on Friday after being released as part of a bootleg compilation. The lyrics talk of “ghosts and goblins” and a “kingdom of love,” in keeping with the spirit of the Harry Potter films.

Springsteen described it as “a pretty lovely song” that he wrote for his eldest son, saying “it was a big ballad that was very uncharacteristic of something I’d sing myself.”

“At some point I’d like to get [“I’ll Stand By You Always”] into a children’s movie of some sort,” Springsteen added. “It was a pretty lovely song.”

Springsteen has had success writing music for movies in the past. He won an Oscar for “Streets of Philadelphia,” from 1994’s Philadelphia, and more recently, he picked up a Golden Globe for his contribution to the 2008 film The Wrestler.

You can hear the song here:


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