Former NFL Quarterback and Hall of Fame inductee Brett Favre was photographed golfing with president Donald Trump at Trump’s National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey on Sunday. The picture comes just one short month after Favre had praised Colin Kaepernick for his actions taken in the NFL in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, which Trump has always been critical of.

Trump reposted the photo of him and Favre on Twitter. He said, “Brett LOVES Wisconsin, Mississippi and Minnesota. A good golfer – hits it LONG!”

In June Favre told TMZ, “It’s not easy for a guy his age – Black or white, Hispanic, whatever – to stop something that you’ve always dreamed of doing, and put it on hold, maybe forever, for something that you believe in.”

Kaepernick had started to kneel during the national anthem in 2016. Then, in 2017, he opted out of his contract with the San Francisco 49ers and has not signed with an NFL team since.  

Many were critical of Favre’s golf outing with Trump as the coronavirus pandemic remains a pressing issue in the United States. 

One Twitter user said, “Trump likes to claim he gets a lot of work done, negotiations made, etc. during his golf outings, to justify himself golfing so much. To which I must ask: what negotiations was he working on with Brett Favre, in the middle of a pandemic and two hurricanes battering the country?”

Another wrote, “150,000 dead Americans. I’m working a 13 hour shift at the hospital. Trump is golfing with Brett Favre.”

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