Breaking Bad’s series finale wrapped up somewhat too tightly for some of the AMC show’s avid fans, leading them to believe it may have been devised as a dream by series creator Vince Gilligan. Gilligan, however, has made it known that that wasn’t the case.

Foremost among the finale conspiracy theorists was comedian and diehard Breaking Bad fan Norm McDonald. Following The New Yorker TV critic Emily Nussbaum’s assertion that the finale might make a bit more sense if Walt (Bryan Cranston) actually died in that car in snowy Vermont, MacDonald took to Twitter to agree with her analysis.

Gilligan, who has been vague at best when responding to the speculation in the past, has finally silenced the rumors. “No,” the show creator succinctly answered when posed the question of whether or not MacDonald’s suggestions held any truth by The Hollywood Reporter. "Because Walt would therefore have to be dreaming about things he would otherwise have no knowledge of," Gilligan added.

With Gilligan’s confirmation, it’s now certain that Walter White went out at peace in his beloved meth lab only after successfully finding a way to get his meth money to his family, coming clean about his motivations to Skyler (Anna Gunn), saying goodbye to his daughter Holly, killing off the threat of Lydia and the Neo Nazis and saving Jesse’s (Aaron Paul) life.

– Chelsea Regan

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