Bradley Cooper expressed his confusion over the outrage some Republicans expressed after he attended the Democratic National Convention and shared his DNC experience on The Late Late Show Tuesday night.

Bradley Cooper Speaks On Attending DNC, Talks Republican Uproar

Cooper told host James Corden that he took his mother to hear President Barack Obama speak on night three of the DNC.

“It was unbelievable,” Cooper said of Obama’s speech.

Corden pointed out that there were multiple reports and stories surrounding Cooper’s appearance at the DNC. “I was not expecting that,” Cooper admitted.

“What was people’s point?” Corden asked.

“The Republicans were up in arms that I was there watching the president speak,” the actor explained.

Corden’s other guest, Todd Phillips, who directed Cooper in The Hangover films, jumped in and suggested that it was because Cooper played conservative hero Chris Kyle in American Sniper, “which is like the mob being mad at De Niro for being in The Intern.”

“To be there, it was probably one of the last times we’ll hear him speak,” Cooper added of Obama. “I think he was an incredible president. I was really excited.”

Cooper has reportedly been a longtime supporter of President Obama and Democrats. Back in 2014, Cooper even played a big role in arranging Obama’s appearance on Between Two Ferns.

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