While millions of screaming female fans would probably die for the chance to have Justin Bieber,16, pelt them with a water balloon, one Maryland state trooper was not so pleased to be soaked. The floppy-haired pop superstar was nearly arrested by the irked wet man. 

The trooper, who was on hand to manage crowd control, was not Bieber’s first victim. The singer had apparently been sitting backstage and hurling water balloons at people’s crotches for some time before he managed to make contact with the officer, according to E! News. Bieber then escaped to his trailer while his bodyguard persuaded the trooper not to arrest Bieber. 

While a state spokesman called the star’s actions "inappropriate," he will not receive any sort of disciplinary action. Bieber, who is so popular that 3% of all Twitter traffic is his, played a sold out show in Maryland at the State Fair. –AMY LEE

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