As Blizzard Nemo plows its way over much of the East Coast, celebrities stationed in the New York City area are taking to Twitter.

Justin Bieber retweeted a fan, “If we loose power bc o this blizzard and I can’t watch #BieberOnSNL I will flip out,” apparently sharing the sentiment. While Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun tweeted, “a lot to do again today. looks like we are doing this show right in the middle of a blizzard. fun times.”

“Snow… I love you but if you keep me from getting back to California I will have to take drastic measures,” tweeted Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland. CNN host Piers Morgan is also worried about his travel plans with Nemo on the way. “AT JFK, where BA say my flight’s their first, and last, one out today – ‘hopefully’. Snowflakes falling, #NEMO arriving, clock ticking…,” he tweeted.

Laguna Hill’s Lo Bosworth observed on Twitter, “Starting to snow #Nemo #snowmageddon… Looks like the sky is dumping a bubble bath all over Manhattan the snow is so big and fluffy.”

Singer Aaron Carter, recently interviewed by Uinterview, is pumped about the storm, tweeting, “Yes!!! There is a blizzard warning that just came up on my phone!! So excited!”

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