Bill Hader Will Host ‘Saturday Night Live’

Saturday Night Live alum Bill Hader will return for the October 11 episode of sketch comedy show, about to begin its 40th season. Hader was with SNL for eight years, and was responsible for a noted uptick in the quality of the show by creating beloved characters like Herb Welch the angry and old news reporter, and Vinny Veducci the Italian speaking talk show host. Like most of the SNL cast, Hader is known for a number of impressions—specifically John Malkovich, Al Pacino, Seth Rogen and Charlie Sheen.

Hader’s most famous SNL creation was the flamboyant new correspondent Stefon who was prone to floral blouses and dramatic overreaction. Stefon was meant to be a one off character, but Hader and Stefon co-creator John Mulaney liked the character enough to keep bringing him around, eventually getting his own bit on Weekend Update with Seth Myers. What was meant as a look at New York through Stefon’s eyes, his segments often ended up being thinly veiled recounting of his own experiences in the city. For a brief time, NBC considered making a Stefon movie.

Bill Hader Starring In ‘The Skeleton Twins’

Since leaving SNL in 2013, Hader has been attempting to launch a film career. He’s returning to SNL to promote his new film, The Skeleton Twins about Milo (Hader) and twin sister Maggie (fellow SNL alum Kristen Wiig) who both narrowly cheat death and come together to figure out where their lives went wrong. The indie-flick is a comedy-drama that was released earlier this month to positive reviews.

Hader isn’t the first former SNL cast member to surprise audiences with his dramatic talents. Last year, Wiig starred in the indie-drama Hateship Loveship that earned her critical acclaim, Will Forte starred alongside June Squibb and Bruce Dern in the drama Nebraska which went on to receive numerous Academy Award nominations and wins, and Jason Sudeikis will star alongside Alison Brie in the comedy-drama Sleeping with Other People in 2016.

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