Bill Clinton didn’t miss a beat in getting back his longtime friend and fellow humanitarian Bono. While on Piers Morgan Live Wednesday night, Clinton gave an impersonation of Bono, to rival the rocker's of the former president.

When Piers Morgan asked Clinton about Bono’s spot on impersonation of him at the Clinton Global Initiative meeting earlier in the day, Clinton laughed in good humor. He went on to say that Bono is a fan of making fun of him, and has gotten better at it over the years. Morgan then relayed a message from Chelsea Clinton, who stated that her father was talented at mimicry as well.

Bono Impersonates Bill Clinton At Annual Clinton Global Initiative Meeting

Pulling out a pair of rose-lensed aviators, Clinton traded in his southern drawl for the U2 singer’s raspy Irish brogue. “Well, I’m Irish, y’know. The Irish, we can imitate anybody,” Clinton said. “But alas, I’ve been singing so long, screaming so loud at these concerts that I’m hoarse. So I gotta be careful with my voice.

“That’s why all of my charities only have three-letter names,” he added. “Like ‘Red.’ ‘One.’ And even that’s more effort than U2. But we still do a lot of good.”

Clinton’s impersonation drew laughs from the CNN host and the audience, which included his daughter Chelsea.

– Chelsea Regan

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