Big Brother season 19 has come to an end and an unlikely winner has emerged victorious.


The episode starts mid-challenged, with each remaining houseguest hanging onto a rope connected to the butt of a unicorn, who periodically poops glitter to make them fall. Josh and Christmas go down first, which brings them to the next challenge – a medieval times themed trivia game, where they must slingshot pebbles at their answers. Josh beats Christmas, but both perform poorly.

In the jury house, Dr. Will is talking to the eliminated folks who speculate who will make the final three. At that point, newly eliminated Kevin walks in, letting them know that it is Paul, Christmas, and Josh in the final. The rest discuss and agree that they don’t like Josh, but he played the game well, and that Paul is kind of evil.

Since Christmas lost the last challenge, she will take third place, leaving the top spot up to Josh and Paul. Paul tells the audience how nervous he is about being in the final two once again, and then the pair head to the final competition of the season – the scales of knowledge. Josh took the lead after four questions, but going into the end, Josh was only up by one.

The votes go to the jury of eliminated contestants, so Paul and Josh better hope they haven’t burned too many bridges. Questions get hurled at them, and for the most part Paul answers awkwardly and avoids answers, while Josh admits his faults and explains his reasoning. It’s looking like Josh may be winning this one.

Then the two get the opportunity to give their last ditch effort for votes by giving speeches. Paul’s speech is aggressive, and explains exactly what he did to manipulate the game – I can’t imagine it’s making many in the jury very happy. But Josh flusters and is hindered by his own emotions. The votes are a toss-up.

In the end, the votes stack up 5-4 in favor of Josh. The votes as they came in are:
Christmas: Paul
Kevin: Paul
Alex: Josh
Raven: Paul
Jason: Josh
Matt: Paul
Mark: Josh
Elena: Josh
Cody: Josh

So it’s Cody that upends Paul’s entire plan, and how fitting is that. So Paul spoiled his chances of winning, despite playing the game well, by how he treated his fellow houseguests. And in the end, Cody takes the America’s Favorite Player award, and Paul is crushed. He even talks about what type of car he’ll jump in front of to earn insurance money after the loss.

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