Previously on Big Brother, Victor reentered the house after winning the Battle Back competition and the houseguests took part in an endurance HoH competition. James, Da’Vonne, and Bridgette were the last remaining in the competition which dragged on until the early hours of the morning. James made a deal to not put either of the two ladies (or Frank) on the block if they gave him the HoH. Feeling pressure from the whole house, James goes back on his word and puts Frank and Bridgette on the block (thank the BB Gods!).

Let me just say that I am a bag of nerves coming into this episode. I am not the biggest fan of either of the two nominated houseguests and would hate for either of them to win the Power of Veto. Frank is the main target this week because he is a sneaky, misogynistic, and combative rat that is constantly scurrying around the house and getting involved in drama. Bridgette, Frank’s puppet, is alongside him on the block because she is seen as fake by the other houseguests, always feigning innocence and hiding behind annoying baby voices and giggles. Before the Veto competition Stank Frank campaigns to HoH James that the veto should be used on him and my queen Da’Vonne should take his place on the block (boy bye).

Players selected for the Veto competition are James, Frank, Bridgette, Da’Vonne, Nicole, and Michelle. This week’s Veto competition is the classic Big Brother competition – Otev. Otev is a musical-chairs-inspired competition where players must race to find the name of the competition that Otev is talking about. Once the houseguests find it, they race back to the starting point and the last to return each round is eliminated until only one player remains. This version of Otev takes place at the BB Electric Festival and is hosted by Otev the DJ Frog. Otev managed to make me cringe roughly fifty times throughout the competition by continuously saying the word “dope” in the most obnoxious way possible ”D-d- d-d- d-dope”. Ugh.


James throws the competition and is eliminated in the first round, hoping to minimize the amount of blood he gets on his hands this week. The flawless Mama Da is eliminated next, followed by Nicole, then Frank (thank Jesus), and finally Bridgette (thank Jesus again), leaving Michelle as the winner of the PoV.

After the Veto competition all hell breaks loose in the house, as Frank the Wank makes one more desperate plea for Michelle to use the Veto on him. Michelle admits in the Diary Room that she has a bit of a crush on Frank and that if Bridgette was evicted she would like to be his “ride or die” (WHY).

The rest of the house sans Bridgette decides to squash Frank’s attempts at swaying Michelle and a fight erupts. Paul confronts Frank for being shady and trying to get off the block and James calls a house meeting. In the meeting, Frank tells everyone that Michelle should use the Veto on him and Da’Vonne should be the replacement nominee and be voted out. Paulie stops Frank and tells him that he is not coming off the block and will be evicted on Thursday (YASSSS zaddy Paulie, give it to him).

Right before the Veto Ceremony Bridgette confronts Michelle and asks her why she doesn’t like her. Michelle tells Bridgette that she thinks she is fake and a threat to her game (Yes Michelle, let her KNOW). *Cue Bridgette crying for the tenth time this episode as Michelle remains unmoved (LOL).*

At the Veto Ceremony Michelle admits she considered using the Veto on Frank but ultimately decides to leave the nominations the same. Tune in tonight at 9pm EST for the live eviction to hopefully see Frank’s lying ass walk out of the house.

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