Devin was unanimously voted out of the house on Thursday night’s Big Brother after he got cocky and alienated his housemates.

Houseguests spent the episode trying to decide between evicting Devin and evicting Caleb. After Devin burned his bridges with everyone in the house, it seemed pretty clear that he would be sent packing, but Caleb’s feelings for Amber caused some doubts as to his value in the competition.

Cody Tries To Evict Caleb

Cody briefly entertained the idea of cutting Caleb out of the house because he feels threatened by Caleb’s blind adoration of Amber. Cody talked to Donny about his thoughts on trying to give Caleb the boot and Donny seemed to understand that Caleb could potentially be a threat. Cody felt threatened by Caleb, because of how severely he protects Amber. Donny cautioned Cody to make a move against Caleb sooner rather than later. Devin knew about Cody’s issues with Caleb and tried to bond with Cody in the hopes of getting him on his side. At night, the two played a game of pool and Devin tells Cody about his daughter and rehab.

It didn’t take long for Cody to get Zach on board, and word quickly spread throughout the house, and it looked like Caleb might be going home.

Mid-show, host Julie Chen checked in with the houseguests and announced that there would be no ‘Have-Nots’ this week, which made current Have-Not Hayden very happy. However, Chen revealed to the audience that what the houseguests do not know is that next week’s Have-Nots will be determined based on activity levels.

Before it was time for the eviction vote, viewers got to take a trip to Donny’s home and meet his family and his girlfriend, and Hayden continued to flirt with Nicole and the two enjoyed “cuddling” in bed together.

Devin Is Unanimously Evicted

In his plea to stay, Caleb – who wore his shirt unbuttoned – used his time to remind the housemates of all the untrustworthy ways Devin has competed. Devin pleaded with the housemates, promising not to eat all the food anymore, and also saying that he would try to right his wrongs going forward in the competition. Finally, Cody’s attempts to get Caleb out failed and he ended up voting Devin out with the rest of the house.

“You’re possibly the worst player in Big Brother history because your social game was God-awful,” Zach told him as he left.

Devin wasn’t too surprised by his elimination and gracefully said goodbye to his housemates. In his exit interview, Devin assured Chen that he was not at all surprised that none of his housemates voted to keep him.

With Devin now officially evicted, it was time for another Head of Household competition. Random pairs were tasked with carrying small eggs through a cage. When the episode ended, Amber / Zach and Cody / Frankie were the teams in the lead.

Big Brother airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m., Thursdays at 9 p.m. on CBS.


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