Previously on Big Brother, Nicole won HoH after making a deal with James and outlasting everyone in the wall competition. Nicole and Corey then made a final four alliance with Victor and Paul creatively named the “Final Four” (dumb) despite previously making a final four deal with James and Natalie. Big Meech was Nicole’s target and she nominated Paul as a pawn alongside her. James, Natalie, and Michelle believed Paul was the main target because of how big of a threat he is to win the game. However, as the votes are revealed, there was a tie leaving Nicole to break it. Nicole chooses to evict Big Meech (UGH Ratcole go home). Before leaving, my queen Michelle calls Nicole out for being a snake and the “most boringest player to play Big Brother” and steals Paul’s inflatable Pelican, Pablo, and throws it into the audience (YAS MEECH LOVE YOU).

Big BrotherImmediately following the eviction the houseguests embark on their next HoH competition in which they must maneuver eggs through chicken wire and roll them to try and knock over three boards that spell “HoH.”

Big Brother 18 Episode 35 Recap: The Final Four In The Final Five

Last night’s episode opens up in the middle of the all-important HoH competition, as the house guests scramble (heh) to get their eggs through the chicken wire. The competition came down to the wire, literally, as Natalie, Corey, Victor, and Paul were all one board away from winning HoH. Each of the houseguests’ last boards did not go over easy (heh) as one after another they missed their target. After about an hour of close calls, Victor eventually knocks down his last board and wins his third HoH competition (kill me). The “Final Four” rejoice as Jatalie knows that they are going to be nominated together.


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After the HoH competiton, Natalie is upset with James because she originally wanted to stick to their alliance with Victor and Paul instead of making a final four deal with NiCorey. Realizing that he was played by NiCorey, James goes up to the HoH room to talk to Victor and Paul and explain his decision to evict Victor a couple weeks back. James hopes that because Natalie was always loyal to Victor that only James and either Nicole or Corey would be nominated instead of Natalie. Ratcole and Corey quickly scurry up to the HoH room to interrupt James’ plea in order to ensure that their Final Four alliance isn’t jeopardized. James realizing his attempts are futile returns downstairs to Natalie as the two enjoy what seems to be their last week together. Ratcole denies having a final four deal with Jatalie once James leaves the room, and says that he is a dirty and shady player (NO U).

Predictably Victor nominates James and Natalie for eviction with James as his main target. As the episode ends, James reveals in the Diary Room that the “Texas Way” is to fix your mistakes and he pledges to use the PoV to save Natalie and “make it right” (D’awww). Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save James or Natalie? Find out Wednesday night at 8pm EST on Big Brother.

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