After rumors circulated that Bernie Sanders, Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate, would appear on Saturday Night Live, he did indeed make an appearance alongside host Larry David.

Sanders was nowhere to be found during David’s initial skits channeling the politician. He didn’t make an appearance during the cold open or David’s monologue. But Sanders finally made his way to the SNL stage during a skit entitled “Steam Ship.”

Sanders and David played two men stranded on a sinking ship and debating on who got to survive in the one life boat. Sanders argues against David’s character when he tries to get preferential treatment because he’s rich. “I’m so sick of the one percent getting this preferential treatment,” Sanders says, alluding to his presidential campaign.

Sanders also pokes fun at Jewish heritage by saying he is going to change his last name, Sanderswitzky, “so it doesn’t sound so Jewish.”

The show ended with Sanders joining the rest of the SNL cast to say their goodbyes.

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