In keeping with the man-of-the-people image he’s cultivated, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sander granted an extended sit-down with unlikely interviewer Michael Winter, a rapper known professionally as Killer Mike.

Bernie Sanders Discusses Presidential Hopes With Killer Mike

The six-part interviewer (all available on YouTube) covers a wide range of topics, from gun control, democratic socialism to universal health care, as well as the subject of Sander’s opponents.

Sanders hasn’t shied away from criticizing the increasingly offensive Donald Trump but here he offered his most candid summation of the GOP candidate yet.


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“What’s scary about Trump is you open — there are a lot of people out there who feel certain ways and you see somebody who is running for president say these things,” Sanders said. “‘Whoa! Trump said that! I can say that! I can beat up the Muslim in my community! I can be a racist on a college campus now, because that’s the climate.’ So you’re right, it is scary.”

Sanders also spoke with surprising frankness on the subject of his other most prominent rival, Hillary Clinton. “I am running against a woman who is probably the best-known woman in the United States of America,” he said. “It is a tough fight, but we are doing pretty good.”

The interview could see Sanders make gains among black voters who he’s thus far struggled to win over.

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