On late Sunday afternoon, French police found top chef Benoit Violier dead in his home from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Violier’s restaurant, Restaurant de l’Hotel de Ville in Crissier, was ranked one of the best in the world in December. The restaurant earned three Michelin stars and came top in France’s La Liste ranking of the world’s 1,000 best eateries.The chef grew up in a family of seven in Western France.

Swiss chef Fredy Girardeau, who also received three Michelin stars, was surprised by the apparent suicide of his fellow chef. “He was a brilliant man,” he said. “Such talent, and an amazing capacity for work. He was so kind, with so many qualities. He gave the impression of being perfect.”

French chef, Pierre Gagnaire tweeted his sympathy for the chef and his family. “Mes pensées vont à la famille de Benoît Violier. Une bien triste nouvelle pour un chef extrêmement talentueux…” which is translated into, “My thoughts go out to Benoit Violier’s family. Very sad news about an extremely talented chef.”

Paul Bocuse also tweeted his sympathy for Violier: “Grand chef, grand homme, gigantesque talent. Toutes nos pensées vont vers la famille et les proches de Benoit Violier.”

An investigation into his death has been opened by the local police.


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