Ben Carson, who is currently polling second behind Donald Trump among the Republican presidential candidates, doesn’t think a Muslim should be president of the United States of America.

Ben Carson Says No To A Muslim President

When Trump failed to correct a supporter at a recent rally who suggested that President Barack Obama was a Muslim, it started a renewed conversation about the religion and American politics. Chuck Todd, on CNN’s Meet the Press Sunday, asked Trump competitor Carson, “Do you believe that Islam is consistent with the constitution?”

“No, I don’t — I do not,” Carson said, adding, “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that.”

Carson was then asked about whether or not he would ever consider voting for a Muslim man or woman for Congress. The renowned neurosurgeon shared that he would have less of a problem supporting a Muslim politician for a position in the legislative branch of government.

“Congress is a different story, but it depends on who that Muslim is and what their policies are, just like it depends on what anybody else is,” Carson said. “If there’s somebody who is of any faith but they say things and their life has been consistent with things that will elevate this nation and make it possible for everybody to succeed and bring peace and harmony, then I’m with them.”

Minnesota Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison. who happens to be Muslim, had some strong words for both Carson and Trump.

“For Ben Carson, Donald Trump, or any other Republican politician to suggest that someone of any faith is unfit for office is out of touch with who we are as a people,” Ellison said in a statement. “It’s unimaginable that the leading GOP presidential candidates are resorting to fear mongering to benefit their campaigns, and every American should be disturbed that these national figures are engaging in and tolerating blatant acts of religious bigotry.”

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