A 42-year-old man, Stephen Casement, has been sentenced to 16 months for stealing over 200 L.O.L. dolls in 2018 from Smyth’s Toys in south Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Casement admitted to the theft at Drumkeen Retail Park at a remote hearing carried out by Downpatrick Crown Court. He will spend half of his sentence in jail.

At Casement’s remote hearing, the court valued the stolen and never recovered dolls at 2,796 pounds. Authorities found footage of Casement entering the toy store three times on Oct. 3, 2018, each time removing boxes of the L.O.L. dolls and placing them in the trunk of a Volkswagen Passat in the parking lot.

There were three other people in the vehicle.

After the video of Casement stealing the dolls was released, an employee found and recognized him on Facebook, and Casement was arrested soon after.

Casement was already under a suspended sentence related to drug use, and so the Judge added nine months to his sentence for breaching court orders.

Casement’s attorney said he will continue to receive “longer and longer prison sentences” if he continues his illegal behavior. The judge involved described the theft as “brazen” and said Casement would have a “bleak” future unless he addressed his apparent issues.

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