Batman Vs. Superman made a massive splash at Comic Con on Saturday when director Zack Snyder released new footage of the much-anticipated superhero flick.

Batman Vs. Superman Trailer

“We put this together especially for you guys. It’s not the whole movie, but I think you’ll get a taste for what it’s about,” Snyder said, introducing the video to those in attendance at the Batman Vs. Superman panel.

The trailer opens at the end of the battle between Zod and Superman (Henry Cavill), which closed out Man of Steel. This time around, there are shots of Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) trying to save people from the destruction. The footage sets up the war between the human Batman and Superman, the god. Jesse Eisenberg‘s long-haired Lex Luther and Gal Gadot‘s Diana/Wonder Woman were also introduced.

In addition to showing the new footage, the cast, most of which was in attendance, shared some anecdotes about working on the movie. Affleck admitted that he ran into previous Batman Christian Bale, who gave him some wise words of advice.

“I was getting my kid a Halloween costume and he’s really into batman. We went to a costume story in LA and I hear this, “OY” and it’s Christian Bale,” Affleck told the crowd. “And here we are standing in the batman costume aisle. I go, ‘You were the best, do you have any advice?’ – ‘Make sure you can piss in that suit!'”

Batman Vs. Superman is slated to hit theaters March 25.

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