Just a week after the inauguration of the now-President Trump, the internet has already concocted an alternate version of what occurred. Bad Lip Reading, a YouTube channel dedicated to doing lip-readings of celebrities and political figures, made one for the inauguration, fabricating what the political leaders could have said at the event.

Some highlights from the four-minute video include Barack Obama saying through gritted (but smiling) teeth, “You suuuuuck. Now’s your chance. Call it off.” When Donald Trump shook hands with a line of people greeting him, he boasts, “I’m important. Mmm. You wanna be me, doncha?” and when shaking hands with a woman, said, “Quite a figure, quite a figure,” before glancing at the next woman, and spat, “and…no.”

The video also featured Obama shaking hands with Mike Pence, telling Pence, “you crushed it,” to which Pence replied, “you think?” Obama then retorts, “no I’m teasing you. You look depressed.”

Quite simply put, the video is a hodgepodge of hilarious, absurd utterances of what the politicians could have said.

Perhaps what’s most frightening is that despite the ridiculous statements “said” by the politicians in the video, it seems like some of the things said in real-life politics these days are just as preposterous.

Check out the funny video below:


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